Our Commitment To Work-Life Balance: A Parent’s Perspective

Our goal at SoFi Technologies is to equip every employee with the necessary tools and benefits that enable them to balance their professional and family responsibilities. By doing so, we hope to empower our team members to openly communicate their needs and challenges, fostering an environment where they can deliver top-notch results for the business all while ensuring their families are well-cared for. We know that work and family are intertwined, and we're dedicated to making this delicate balance achievable for all  employees.

Meet Vaunte Epps, Operations Process Manager, Cards. Vaunte and his team focus on improving overall operational enablement and efficiency. He works cross-functionally to drive success and ensure standard operating procedures are followed and aligned with our brand. 

Not only has he been a dedicated SoFi employee since October 2021, he is a husband to Kierstyn, and a dad to their two kiddos Navee (5) and Kai (1). We were able to catch up with Vaunte to learn about his experiences as a working parent, shedding light on the programs and benefits that SoFi offers to support employees in their journey to balancing their careers and family life. 

Vaunte Epps (1)

How has being a working parent at SoFi influenced your career progression and growth?

I used to normalize long working hours. However, since being at SoFi, I am able to find the time to be present at home and disconnect from work. I’m lucky to have the flexibility to  take time off when the kids are sick or if I want to chaperone a kindergarten field trip! There is never a feeling of guilt, and I can always enjoy those family experiences. This has been critical for my productivity and growth because now when I am working, I am refreshed, present, and focused on delivering the results necessary. Somebody will notice your efforts, and I've progressed in my career more than I thought possible since joining SoFi. Being able to be present and enjoy every experience both at home and at work has definitely translated to career growth. 

What programs or benefits do you appreciate most at SoFi that support working parents? 

The obvious answers would be paid parental leave, family planning support, and the mental health support services. I feel the parental leave is generous and provides the ability to split the time within the first year. Our son had complications at birth that resulted in an extended stay at a Children's Hospital. Working with the benefits team and my leaders was a stress-free and seamless process, and I felt empowered to take the extra time needed to take care of my family. The less obvious but FUN program is the Parents@SoFi Circle community (SoFi’s employee resource group for parents). This group truly gives parents/caregivers the forum to share stories, knowledge, family updates, parenting tips, and even the occasional bring your kid(s) to work day stories. It is a small look into how SoFi encourages and engages its working parent community. Additionally, while a monthly student loan contribution may not be directly tied to being a working parent, my kids sure do enjoy that extra money each month in their toy allowance! 

What advice would you offer to new or prospective employees at SoFi who are also working parents striving to achieve work-life balance? 

Join us!  From the top on down, our leadership cares about each and every employees’ individual journey. For example, my leaders know my kids; they know our hobbies and the ups/downs, but most of all, they understand what is essential in our lives. I say this because every company will market its culture and how much employees enjoy working there. It's easier to uphold that culture if that message resonates with every leader across the business. In my experience, SoFi excels at each stage, not just by words but by action. This really creates a feeling of belonging to a community rather than working for a company. There is no need to market that; we live it daily through our vision and mission!

Thank you Vaunte, for sharing your journey as a working parent at SoFi. We are so glad that the understanding and support from your leaders, combined with the tangible programs and benefits have helped make achieving work-life balance a reality for you. Your experience paints a picture of our commitment to supporting employees in their quest for a fulfilling work-life balance. 

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