Values in Action: Running After Problems

At SoFi Technologies, our value of the month for November is "Run After Problems." We chose this as one of our values because we know that we must build a culture of people who run after problems in order to ensure we execute with excellence and "things" do not fall through the cracks. As a company, we celebrate this value by nominating our peers and coworkers who exhibit this value in action. We had the opportunity to sit down with Brett Johnson, Head of Home Loans Member Experience, and hear how his team ran after problems this month.

To start, Brett, how long have you been at SoFi Technologies, and what does your role entail?

I worked at Wyndham Capital for 12 years and joined SoFi Technologies when they acquired the company last April, so I've been at SoFi for almost seven months now. I lead a variety of teams in Home Loans Ops as Head of Home Loans Member Experience. One of which is the Member Experience Team, which helps facilitate member service issues and works to ensure our members have a positive experience as they apply for home loans.

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Thank you for the introduction, Brett. You recognized three members of your team, Brett Doss, Nona Johnson, and Shawna Greene, for running after problems. Can you tell me why you nominated them this month?

Brett: The team was presented with a very difficult home loan application with a variety of nuances to navigate within the lending guidelines. They were able to work as a unit, directly with the applying members, to craft a solution that met lending guidelines. This team effort secured home ownership for a member's relocation to North Carolina.

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That's wonderful to hear and very exciting for our members! Tell me, how did their actions specifically tie to the value of "running after problems?"

Brett: Shawna, Brett D., and Nona worked as a team to run towards the problem to identify the most seamless solutions for the member from both a time & documentation standpoint. In home lending, no single qualifying scenario is the same, which requires a group effort in most cases to act quickly when hurdles arise. Nona and Brett D. handled direct contact with the member when discussing options, while Shawna was always ready to review the applicable documentation that was received as quickly as possible in order to not delay the approval.

In such an important moment in our members' lives, it seems essential that your team can work together as a team quickly to problem-solve.  How does this value help make SoFi a better partner to our members?

Brett: Our team's actions with applications give confidence to both member's & the business unit that SoFi will do whatever we can to ensure that we are acting quickly to find every solution available to help secure home ownership. Home purchases are considered, for most, the largest financial decision of anyone's life, which carries a heavy emotional weight as well. You cannot wait to address a problem in any circumstance in home lending. Running towards the problem is a key attribute for any individual or teams' success in the industry and truly helps drive a positive experience for our members.

Thank you, Brett, for taking the time to spotlight your team's hard work and exemplary demonstration of our value of the month and telling us about the world of home loans - I certainly learned a few new things. Thank you to Brett Doss, Nona Johnson, and Shawna Greene for their dedication to helping our members - we are so lucky to have employees who embody the essence of SoFi's values and commitment to our members.

The individual featured is a SoFi employees. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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