SoFi employees have access to a comprehensive learning experience to enhance their skills and knowledge by using Udemy. Shadow Chan, Product Marketing Manager who is based in Hong Kong, had been using Udemy prior to its implementation at SoFi. As her go-to when wanting to learn a topic in-depth, she was very excited to see the tool introduced at SoFi in February 2022.

In this blog, we delve into the inspiring story of Shadow Chan, who has made the most of Udemy’s mobile-friendly features during her daily public transportation commute (It’s true! Udemy has this awesome feature). Time is precious, and Shadow takes us through her journey of transforming her commute into a valuable learning experience. 

Tell me about your Udemy experience and why you found value in the tool? 

I was enjoying Udemy and had been paying for the courses out of my own pocket for many years before SoFi introduced it. Udemy is my first stop when I want to learn about a certain topic in more depth, as the courses are often of higher quality and better organized than other platforms I have used. I was able to migrate all of my previous learnings to the SoFi business account and in turn gained unlimited access to courses. It then allowed me to share useful courses with my teammates. As a Product Marketing Manager, my favorite courses have been in areas that focus on marketing and computer programming which is my niche. I truly appreciate how it takes my digital marketing skills up a notch!

How did having the opportunity to learn from your mobile device change the amount of hours you invested in Udemy?

I downloaded the Udemy app and have spent a majority of the time learning from my mobile device. Learning on-the-go definitely allows for more flexibility in my study time. Every week, I pre-download the courses on my phone and then decide which of the lessons I want to finish for the week. The opportunity to utilize my commute and learn at my own pace has been incredible! Udemy also allows me to set target hours for myself and track them to be sure I hold myself accountable. I really appreciate this as it allows me to devote more time to learning without sacrificing my personal time. In Hong Kong, we take public transportation to work. Rather than scrolling on my phone, leveraging the Podcast/Udemy App helps boost productivity during my commute and is honestly a great way to kick-start the day!

Have you ever participated in Udemy’s community forums or engaged with other learners? 

I love that there is a Udemy learning community within SoFi Hong Kong! My team is able to cross-functionally share the courses that they find useful and would recommend to others, which promotes a stronger learning atmosphere. 

How has learning played into a positive experience for you at SoFi? 

I really love that SoFi is a mission-driven organization and that the company truly cares about the growth of their employees. Combining innovation, collaboration, and personal growth, I find it to be an inspiring environment where I can make a meaningful impact and continuously challenge myself to reach new heights each and every day. 

One more question, just for fun! What is something that inspires you in your day to day? 

Everyday's an inspiring adventure with my toddler son. He is filled with curiosity and wonder and with each passing moment, his little mind is a sponge, eagerly absorbing knowledge and discovering the world around him! I love working hard to keep up with his pace. 

Thank you, Shadow for exemplifying the transformative power of mobile learning! We are proud of the innovative ways our employees are continuously growing.

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