The Faces Behind Our Values: Part 1

At SoFi Technologies, we have 11 core values that are at the center of how we think about serving our members, building our company, and most importantly, how we work together. At SoFi, it’s not just what we do—but how we do it. During the month of December, we take the time to celebrate each of these values and recognize how our employees live out these values to build community and belonging at SoFi. Meet 11 SoFi Technology employees from different teams, employee groups, backgrounds, and countries who share who they are and why our values matter to them at work and beyond.

To start this series, we will hear from employees who have put into action our first four values: Members and Clients First, Make Your Footprint Bigger Than Your Foot, Do The Right Thing, and Get to the Truth.

1. Put our members and clients first  - Jessica Martinez

Jessica Martinez

Hi! I am Jessica Martinez, Associate Manager in Review, part of our Member Services department. I was one of the original employees when SoFi opened their office in Delaware! I have five kids and one granddaughter who keep me busy! When I'm not running the kids around to their engagements, I like to take time to myself and read. I love a good thriller book.

Our Members/Client First value speaks to me because our company would not be successful without it. Being an Associate Manager in Review, I help ensure that our members and clients receive white glove service when submitting loan applications from pre-approval to signing. My role also allows me to identify, escalate, and propose recommendations to improve the members' experience and the employees who support the members. Ensuring our applicants have the best experience with SoFi creates a strong relationship and a loyal member base.

2. Make Your Footprint Bigger Than Your Foot - Sherri Talbert 

Sherri Talbert

Sherri: Hello, I'm Sherri Talbert, a Learning Specialist here at SoFi. In addition to my day-to-day role, I also am a co-lead for the SoulFi Circle, an employee resource group dedicated to empowering Black/African-American employees, members, and allies to create a more diverse and inclusive SoFi. Beyond the professional sphere, I cherish moments with my family, particularly my three-year-old niece, who holds a special place in my heart. Making her smile is a daily goal of mine. Another passion of mine is playing with makeup, finding joy in the creativity it brings.

The concept of "Make Your Footprint Bigger Than Your Foot" resonates deeply with the SoulFi Circle. We strive for the greater good of our people and communities, particularly in supporting victims and families affected by racism, oppression, and violence from law enforcement. This commitment extends to the workplace, where we stand united, embracing our authentic selves even when faced with adversity. We demonstrate excellence in performance, professionalism, and work ethic to set a positive example for others. We educate colleagues and leadership about African-American culture, history, and perspectives to foster understanding and promote a more inclusive environment. We also organize cultural awareness events or celebrations to promote diversity within the workplace. 

3. Do The Right Thing - Melissa Bassett

Melissa Bassett-1

Melissa: Hi, my name is Melissa Bassett and I am the Business Unit Lead for the In-School Student Loan group. I have been at SoFi for five years and have spent my entire career in the education lending sector. I am a co-leader of the Women's Circle, an employee resource group dedicated to building a safe space for female-identifying employees and allies. In my non-work time, I enjoy hanging out with my "kids" who are 26 and 22. I also have a very demanding maltipoo who insists on my time and attention constantly. 

The SoFi Value "Do the Right Thing" means so much to me in my daily life, both personally and professionally. So often, we are presented with decisions that don't always align with our personal views or moral compass. There is a tendency to shy away from these decisions lest we expose ourselves for being "outspoken" or “headstrong.” I find that this is so true for women in business today as stereotypes still persist where a woman who is strong or assertive can be viewed quite differently than a man with the same demeanor. However, I live by this value: we must always “Do the Right Thing” regardless of what others may think of us. Doing the right thing for the company or our coworkers demonstrates leadership and confidence, and we should never be afraid of taking a stand. 

4. Get To The Truth - Colleen Aljundi

Colleen Aljundi

My name is Colleen Aljundi, and I am a Senior Technical Recruiter who recruits and hires across all of SoFi Technologies. I’m coming up on my two-year work anniversary in January 2024! I am also one of the leads for the Parents@SoFi Circle, a community where people with shared experiences can connect and help each other have both a successful career at SoFi and a rewarding family life. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my two sons (Xander and Isaac, who are nine and three) and our dog Sophie. Outside of work, I enjoy finding new spots for my sons and I to explore. We enjoy all things outdoors, specifically hiking and bike riding on new trails!

Our Value of the Month is “Get to the Truth,” and last April, our Circle put this value into action by asking our Circle members to get to the truth about what it’s like being a working parent. This year, one of these questions was, “What’s something you wish co-workers understood better about being a working parent?” We heard from many employees in all stages and ranges of parenting, many of whom answered with a common theme: that although our families and children are our #1 priority, that does not mean our performance at work will falter! 

The answers we received are great examples of how sharing our experiences and truths about being parents helps our Circle community. It helps new parents, parents-to-be, or others going through similar situations and builds a community of support as we all find the balance it takes to be a working parent.

Thank you Jessica, Sherri, Melissa, & Colleen for sharing how these values have been put into action. 

The individual featured is a SoFi employees. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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