The Faces Behind Our Values: Part 3

At SoFi Technologies, we have 11 core values that are at the center of how we think about serving our members, building our company, and most importantly, how we work together. At SoFi, it’s not just what we do—but how we do it. During the month of December, we take the time to celebrate all of these values and recognize how our employees live out these values to build community and belonging at SoFi. Meet 11 SoFi Technology employees from different teams, employee groups, backgrounds, and countries who share who they are and why our values matter to them at work and beyond.

The second part of our Faces Behind Our Values series will introduce four employees who have put the following values into action: Learn, Iterate, and Innovate, Embrace Diversity, Be SoFi and Galileo Missionaries, and Help People Grow. 

9. Be Gritty Be Accountable - Adriana de la Torre

Adriana de la Torre

Hola! My name is Adriana de la Torre, I'm a Credit Analyst and have been with SoFi for nearly nine years. In my tenure here, I have worn many hats, but the role that has brought me a lot of joy is being a co-leader for the Unidos Circle, which aims to provide a forum of communal support, resources, and purposeful amplification of the Latinx voice within our organization. Outside of work, I enjoy and value learning and spending time with my family. We can usually be found at the bookstore, library, or at a classic car show/swap meet! 

Too often we go through our lives one day at a time and forget the bigger picture—where we are from, what we represent, and what our principles are. With this comes the occasional reminder of your heritage when someone can't pronounce your name or you forget a word in your native tongue. Our value of the month, “Be Gritty Be Accountable,” is extremely important and appropriate for the Unidos Circle. We come from a long ancestral line of grit, hardship, courage, and resolve. Although we may feel removed from the migrations, violence, labor, and sacrifices our families experienced, they give us awareness and resilience. In addition, we are now gritty in additional, different ways, and we work to honor the work and sacrifices our ancestors made before us while also going through our own hardships and challenges. 

As time goes on, the accountability we feel to honor our ancestors and our own experiences becomes stronger. Machismo, sexism, and racism are all alive within our own culture(s), but through education and empowering our members to use their voices, we are moving forward as a whole community. With Unidos, we have a fantastic platform and a wonderful community that is open and communicative. It can feel like we're far removed, using a non-native dialect, not engulfed in cultural customs, and this group allows us to be open and relate to others with a kinship that is unlike any other.

10. Don't Forget to Smile - Chloe Lombardo

Chloe Lombardo

Chloe: Hi, I’m Chloe Lombardo, a Talent Brand and Engagement Specialist, and I’ve worked at SoFi for two years. I also have the honor of being one of the co-leads for the Ability@Sofi Circle, an employee resource group that aims to create a voice for employees with disabilities and their caregivers. Outside of work, I love spending time outdoors. You can often find me at the beach with my dog, Bug or in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

During the month of October, our Circle celebrates the value “Don't forget to Smile.” It’s a very relevant value for our group. Each of us will experience changes in our ability throughout our lives, and like most aspects of life, that journey will be filled with highs and lows. Regardless of this, we don’t see our community as having a lack of ability, but rather as having our own unique diverse types of ability and for many of us that is something to celebrate as much as it is challenging at times. Having a community to share in our experiences and support one another is just one of the gifts of this Circle, and it reminds us to smile, be kind to ourselves, be compassionate towards others, and be our full authentic selves.

Run After Problems - Crystal Rhodes

Crystal Rhodes

Hello, I'm Crystal Rhodes, Originations Manager here at SoFi. In addition to my role in ensuring the smooth functioning of our review operations, I proudly serve as the co-lead for Vets@SoFi, where I'm dedicated to fostering an environment of support and inclusion for our veterans and allies across our organization. Outside of the professional realm, my heart belongs to exploration. I have a genuine passion for travel and make it a personal goal to venture somewhere new every year. Whether immersing myself in different cultures, trying exotic cuisines, or simply reveling in the beauty of diverse landscapes, I find inspiration in the experiences that travel affords.

Our value, "Run After Problems," is not just a motto but a mindset that propels us forward, urging us to confront challenges head-on and transform them into opportunities for growth and innovation. This ethos is particularly resonant within our Vets@SoFi community, where resilience and adaptability are encouraged and celebrated. In facing the unique challenges that veterans may encounter during their transition to civilian life or within the workplace, the spirit of "Run After Problems" becomes a guiding force. It empowers us to address issues with determination, collaborate on solutions, and create an environment where every member feels supported and equipped to overcome obstacles. 

Within Vets@SoFi, the value of running after problems extends beyond professional hurdles; it embodies our collective commitment to ensuring the well-being and success of our veteran community. By embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, we foster a culture that supports our members and propels them toward their fullest potential. In the spirit of "Run After Problems," we stand together, resilient and resourceful, dedicated to creating a community where every member thrives.

Thank you Adriana and Crystal for sharing how our values have been put into action by our circles. As we continue to grow and evolve, these stories and values will remain at the heart of our journey, guiding us in our mission to serve our members and build a community where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered.

The individual featured is a SoFi employees. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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Chloe Lombardo, Talent Brand @ SoFi