Striking Balance: SoFi Supporting Working Parents

Returning to work after having a baby can be an emotionally charged and challenging experience for any new parent. Many face the task of balancing their professional responsibilities with the demands of caring for their newborn. Shweta Kulshrestha, Senior Product Manager, Credit Card at SoFi, recently embarked on the journey of balancing her professional responsibilities with the demands of caring for a newborn and a five-year-old. While it felt like it was a daunting task, she was met with a refreshing sense of encouragement and support from SoFi. In this blog, we will explore Shweta’s experience returning to work after the birth of her baby, and shed light on how SoFi always strives to create an environment where working parents can thrive. 

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How did you feel supported during your maternity leave?

One of the most significant ways SoFi supported me was by providing a generous amount of paid maternity leave. This allowed me to fully focus on taking care of my baby without the added stress of worrying about my finances during my time away from work. Throughout my maternity leave, SoFi maintained regular communication with me, and they also sent me a beautiful baby care package, which made me feel valued and a part of the company even during my time away. I was also able to utilize Gympass benefits that prioritized my well-being by attending on-demand fitness classes. Additionally, being a part of the Parents@SoFi Circle (one of our employee resource groups), provided me with a safe space for sharing experiences, seeking advice, and building a strong community within the organization. This support network has been invaluable in helping me navigate the ups and downs of being a working mom and has made me feel more empowered in both my personal and professional life.

How did SoFi & your team make your return to work as smooth as possible?

SoFi and my team played a crucial role in making my return to work as smooth as possible by offering various forms of support and understanding during my transition back into the workforce. To start with, having the option of working remotely allowed me to check on my baby when he needed extra attention or during doctors appointments. My manager and my entire team showed a lot of care and checked in with me periodically to ensure that I feel valued and supported. They allowed me to ease back into work gradually, giving me the time to adjust and find a balance between my professional and parenting responsibilities. I have had moments where I attended meetings with my baby in my lap, and I received nothing but support and encouragement from everyone around me. The resources provided by Parents@SoFi have been incredibly helpful in navigating the challenges of being a working parent. SoFi, as a company, is very appreciative of celebrating achievements both as a parent and as an employee. This has helped boost my confidence and motivates me to continue performing my best.

Shweta Kulshrestha

How does the flexibility at SoFi help you be the best mom possible, while still being committed to the business? 

SoFi's flexibility has been a game-changer for me as a working mom. It has helped me create a harmonious balance between family and work responsibilities. With the option of flexible work arrangements and remote work, I can be present for my child's important moments and appointments while still fulfilling my professional duties. The understanding and support from my team and colleagues at SoFi create a nurturing work environment. They recognize the challenges that come with juggling parenthood and work and encourage open communication about my needs. By providing resources, support groups, and fostering a culture that values work-life balance, SoFi goes above and beyond to support working parents like me. This level of care has allowed me to be the best mom I can be while remaining committed to contributing my best at work. I am truly grateful for the flexibility and support that SoFi offers, enabling me to thrive in both aspects of my life.

How have any tangible/intangible benefits that SoFi offers supported you?

At SoFi, we are fortunate to have access to a range of beneficial programs and support that have made my journey as a working mom more fulfilling. The paid parental leave provided financial security during my time away from work, allowing me to fully focus on my newborn. Additionally, the Cigna Healthy Pregnancy Program and the Parental support through Maven have been invaluable resources ensuring I had a healthy pregnancy and supportive community to navigate parenthood.

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Do you have any advice for new working moms? 

As a new working mom, there are a few things that have helped me navigate this journey. First and foremost, prioritize self-care and make time for activities that recharge and rejuvenate you. Embrace workplace flexibility whenever possible to find a balance between your professional responsibilities and caring for your family. Don't hesitate to seek support from your loved ones and communicate with your employer about your needs as a working parent. Be fully present in both your professional and parenting roles by focusing on the task at hand and cherishing quality time with your child. Set realistic expectations, stay organized, and aim for work-life integration. Remember, you are capable of excelling in both roles with a mindful approach and meaningful connections. Trust yourself and enjoy the journey of being a new working mom – you've got this!

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