SoFi’s Got Talent Sparks Giving

At SoFi Technologies, we celebrate not only the professional achievements of our teams but also the diverse and remarkable talents that make each employee unique. All employees are invited to participate in a virtual Talent Show where the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners are awarded money to donate to a charity of their choice. A chance to shine and give back, all in one! Both pre-recorded and live performances are accepted and as we gear up for our 4th annual show in 2023, what better way to highlight the fun than to catch up with our 2022 First Place winner of SoFi’s Got Talent!

Aaron Bright

Aaron Bright, Senior Manager, Business Development at Galileo enjoys spending his free time with his friends and family and also has a passion for writing and performing his own music. He used his gift for music to win first place in SoFi’s talent show last year! He was awarded $5,000 to donate to charity and he split the winnings between two organizations that are both near and dear to his heart. We had the chance to catch up with Aaron and learn about his journey to SoFi Technologies, his original performance of “A Little Holiday Song”, as well as the charities that he chose to support. 

Aaron, you are a part of our Tech Platform group also known as Galileo. Can you tell us about your journey to your current role?

My journey to SoFi Technologies spans over a decade! It all began at U.S. Bank, where I worked in their Prepaid Card division. During my tenure, a pivotal moment unfolded when we acquired a processing platform. This marked my initiation into the realm of fintech, as we collaborated with multiple sponsor bank partners supporting innovative fintechs in crafting groundbreaking financial products. Motivated by this exposure, I transitioned to a role at one of the sponsor banks, leading their business development efforts. Here, I navigated through numerous processor integrations, one notable collaboration being with Galileo. The synergy between our teams resulted in successful deals and sparked my fascination with the cutting-edge technology Galileo was building. Witnessing how they empowered companies to reimagine their financial interactions fueled my excitement, eventually leading me to join the Galileo and SoFi Business Development team nearly three years ago. 

What an incredible journey that has brought you here! What’s your favorite part about working at SoFi Technologies? 

What truly sets my experience at SoFi apart is the opportunity to collaborate with an exceptional team of people who share a profound passion for shaping innovative financial products that have a meaningful impact. One of the aspects I relish most is the constant learning curve. Each day unfolds with new insights and challenges, making it an ever-evolving journey. I often joke with friends who may not fully grasp our work by likening it to an episode of Shark Tank. In essence, I have the privilege of sitting in, listening to companies articulate their visions, and actively contributing to the realization of those visions. It's a fun process that keeps me engaged and excited about what each day may unfold. There's a unique joy in witnessing the culmination of our efforts when that first transaction goes live on our platform. Life comes full circle as we see the impact of our collective work in the real market, and that moment is truly something special.

You won first place in our 2022 “SoFi’s Got Talent” show; can you share with us what inspired your original composition, “A Little Holiday Song”. 

Crafting the song took me a good hour or two, drawing inspiration from the melody of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." All I had to do was reshape the lyrics to capture what I would hope to be witty lyrics about SoFi. So in-short, SoFi served as my inspiration.

We’re so excited to share the performance below!


Aaron Bright (1)

You chose to donate to two different charities, can you share with us why they are near to your heart? 

I love the SoFi’s Got Talent show because it allows employees to use their talents to contribute to the causes that hold a special place in our hearts. In my case, I was able to raise funds for two charities that resonate deeply with me.

The first charity, Rock by the Sea, has been a significant part of my life for over a decade. It is dedicated to supporting various causes through live music events, and the organization has become like an extended family to me. I've forged lasting relationships with like-minded people who share a passion for making a positive impact. Rock by the Sea's flagship event in Florida every May has been particularly meaningful for my band, Green Light Morning, allowing us to perform for over 10 years. Through these music events, we've collectively raised over $1 million for pediatric cancer research and other charitable endeavors. If you share a love for music and a commitment to helping children, I encourage you to explore Rock by the Sea and join us in making a difference.

The second charity that I chose to support is the Alzheimer's Association. This cause hits close to home, as my grandmother succumbed to this devastating disease. Presently, my mother-in-law is facing a diagnosis, fueling my determination to contribute towards finding a cure. Joining the fight against Alzheimer's is a cause I'm deeply passionate about, and I encourage others to consider supporting the Alzheimer's Association in their crucial work to combat this affliction. 

Aaron Bright (2)

What advice would you give to someone thinking about participating in a company wide event like this with an opportunity to give back? 

Embrace the experience and enjoy the process. It's a chance to leverage your talents for a cause you genuinely care about. I found it incredibly fulfilling to reach out to the charity and share how I used my talent to contribute to their fundraising efforts. The joy of making a positive impact is truly priceless, and I can’t wait to see all the great performances this year.  

Aaron, thank you for sharing your talents and story with us. It helps reinforce our belief in giving back and supporting causes that matter to our team members. We’re looking forward to what SoFi’s Got Talent will bring for 2023! 

The individual featured is a SoFi employee. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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