In 2023, SoFi will provide over 100 employees the opportunity to participate in our Gig Economy initiative. Gigs are 3 months, 2-5 hours per week project-based temporary assignments. They are a great opportunity for eligible employees to gain experience in cross functional areas, develop new skills, network, and ultimately grow their careers at SoFi Technologies. Through this program, our employees will become more agile in their current roles, build interpersonal relationships, and unlock career opportunities. Our Gig Economy program provides visibility and opportunities to those seeking to gain experience in cross-departmental groups.

Meet Jessica Martinez Associate Manager, Operations Review. Recently, Jessica took an opportunity to expand her skills by completing a Talent Acquisition Competitive Research project. As someone who is always looking for the chance to develop herself and gain knowledge, this particular Gig sparked her attention because she has always had an interest in Talent Acquisition. She was intrigued about learning how SoFi’s Talent Acquisition team assists with creating a best-in-class culture that appeals to quality talent. 

In sitting down with Jessica, we were able to glean some great advice she learned that motivated her to participate in SoFi’s Gig Economy and that elevated her career as a result!

What drove you to participate in a gig?

This Gig assignment aligned perfectly with my professional interest and aspirations. Having a keen interest in talent acquisition and the ever-evolving job market, this project presented itself as an opportunity for me to gain valuable insights, such as how hiring and retaining talent allows the organization to increase efficiency. I also knew that the insights and recommendations I gained through this project would have a broader, positive impact on the organization, and that was really exciting for me! 

How has this experience elevated your career?  

Participating in the Gig assignment has allowed me to expand my skill set by immersing myself in the realm of Talent Acquisition. The exposure to new methodologies and tools has sharpened my existing skills. For example, the data I use daily is generally in Tableau and during my gig I was able to familiarize myself with Excel and am now able to pull information from Tableau into Excel and confidently build charts and tables to assist with reviewing and presenting data. The Gig Program has also given me the opportunity to network with leaders in the recruiting department and highlight my interest in this work. 

What was your favorite part about the Gig?

Having the opportunity to dig in and assist the team with valuable data analysis was so rewarding for me! SoFi offers such a great support system and I received so much beneficial feedback from the team. The connections I made throughout the process have given me invaluable mentorship and guidance. I know that building a strong professional network is vital for career advancement, and this Gig assignment has undoubtedly accelerated my growth. 

What cross functionalities did you notice between the Gig and your current role? 

As someone who looks at data daily, I could tell right away that this Gig would be greatly aligned to my skill set. In my current role, I look at data daily. I look for trends, areas of opportunity, etc. I take pride in reviewing the multiple reports and understanding it to provide my leadership with a summary of our daily accomplishments and things that may need attention. The Gig Economy model appealed to me because of its synergies with my day-to-day work, as well as its flexibility and the chance to explore a new area in the business. This allowed me to step outside of my everyday routine and engage with a whole new team while keeping data at the center of what I do. 

Just for fun:  What is the best advice someone has ever given you? 

My sister Chrissy is my best friend and biggest supporter. She always pushes me to try new things and to put myself out there. Her motto is “Just try it and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep doing it.” I love her casual approach because I find once I “try” and realize that I do not want to quit, and in some cases, I like what I’m doing, I keep pushing myself harder. This advice was definitely a guiding factor in taking part in a Gig. She has impacted my life immensely and her support is part of the reason I have pushed myself to be the successful person I am today.   

Thank you, Jessica for sharing your experience with us, we are so proud of your determination to accelerate your career through our Gig Economy!

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