Smashing Stereotypes: What it Means to Be An Executive Assistant At SoFi

At SoFi Technologies, we’re changing the way people think about and interact with personal finance. We’re also changing the way people think about being an Executive Assistant (EA). We’re breaking the stereotype that EAs spend all day, every day scheduling meetings and getting coffee. The truth is that our EA team works in highly-visible roles, running after complex problems, and supporting leaders who are literally transforming financial services as we know it. 

We sat down with four members of our EA team to learn more about how they are smashing stereotypes and how they have built meaningful careers at the company. 

Welcome to the SoFi-ety hot seat! First off, please tell us your name, what you do at SoFi, and why you joined the company. 

K. Eck HeadshotKierstin: I work on the People Team - supporting our Chief People Officer, our SVP of Talent & Diversity, and our VP of Total Rewards. I joined SoFi because our mission of helping people reach financial independence personally resonated with me. I, like many others, was not taught a ton about money or finances growing up. Having financial resources easily and readily available truly makes a difference in people's lives! 


ac linkedin photoAndrea: I support the CEO of Galileo, Derek White.  If you’re a Utah local, there is no doubt you’ve heard the phrase “Silicon Slopes” and are aware of the incredible tech companies that make Utah home.  I joined Galileo (a subsidiary of SoFi), because I wanted to be part of a company that actively invests in Utah.  



Britt Witsoe - Headshot

Brittany: I work on the Lending Team and I support Michelle Gill, Executive Vice President and Group Business Unit Leader of Lending. I joined SoFi because of our mission of helping people reach financial freedom and to be a part of a company that values community.




Natalie: I support SoFi’s CEO Anthony Noto and lead CEO Operations at SoFi!  I joined SoFi as the opportunities for growth at a fast, high-growth company are endless. Additionally, throughout my interview process with SoFi, Anthony made it clear how much he values and respects the EA role and I knew if I chose SoFi & Anthony, I was choosing a leader that I could truly partner and grow with. 

Natalie, what does SoFi want the EA team to be known for?

Natalie: We are a group of kind, intelligent, and intuitive humans that care deeply about our execs, their organizations, and our company. The EA role at SoFi is dynamic and we hold a lot of responsibility in making sure we represent our executives and carry forth their personal brand and intention in everything we do for them and their teams. There’s always the joke that EAs are the ones who actually run the company, and I couldn’t find that more accurate here at SoFi! 

Kierstin and Brittany, you both mentioned that your most memorable moment at the company thus far has been meeting the team in person since you both started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tell us more! 

Brittany: I did not get the chance to meet my team in person until nine months after I started. The first time we met was at our leadership offsite and the bond we created in that short time was something that I will never forget. 

Kierstin: Starting in the middle of a global pandemic meant a lot of Zoom meet & greets and virtual team bonding events. But nothing beats the opportunity of meeting people in real life - getting to spend time with them, and building strong relationships. 

Natalie, can you tell us about a day in the life of a SoFi Technologies EA?

Natalie: My day usually starts with checking in with Anthony to ensure he has everything he needs to be successful that day (and that nothing has changed from the evening prior). From there, I am sitting in all meetings with him, taking careful notes and follow-ups, and keeping my ear open for any cues that would indicate a shift in priority, a fire I should put out, an additional meeting I should be proactively adjusting the rest of the day to make room for, etc.

The other part of my day is filled with collaborating with all of my cross-functional partners on various projects - from working with teams on company-wide initiatives, providing feedback on presentations going to Anthony/our executive team, collaborating with PR on events and speaking engagements, to coaching and mentoring the EA team. 

No two days are ever the same at SoFi, and that’s why I love my job here so much! 

Brittany: I have to agree that my absolute favorite part about being an EA at SoFi is that not every day is the same. Every day brings new challenges! Luckily enough, I work on a team where I am surrounded by incredibly inspiring people that are always up for a challenge. 

What’s your favorite part of being an EA at Galileo, Andrea? 

Andrea: Community - having a community of like-minded EAs that support one another, collectively challenge boundaries, and celebrate the small wins and big wins equally is invaluable. I am a firm believer that you don’t just learn from those above you and I am learning from and made better by our EA community every day.  

What are some of the career opportunities on this team? 

Natalie: The sky is truly the limit at SoFi! I think one of the best things about the EA role is the wide-range of experiences and opportunities you are privy to. I always compare the C-Suite EA role to getting a “real-life MBA.” Since we wear so many hats and have to easily shape-shift to put out whatever fire is burning that day, it lends itself to so many different growth opportunities. From moving into a chief of staff / strategic business partner role, to People (what we call HR), to comms, etc. Anything is possible. 

How has being an EA here helped you grow? 

Kierstin: I think the fast-paced environment, coupled with the company's growth that I’ve seen at SoFi since I’ve joined, has challenged me to think more critically and strategically on things that I work on and that growth has allowed me to take on new responsibilities and challenges! 

Andrea: Galileo is in a high-growth stage. We are moving fast and scaling toward large future endeavors. High growth leads to high excitement and high-impact opportunities. As an EA working at Galileo, I have yet to be told “you can’t” or “that’s not your job”. Projects abound and all it takes is raising your hand to be exposed to a new learning opportunity!

Brittany: SoFi has helped me grow as an EA in more ways than I can even count. The fast-paced environment and the ever-changing day-to-day tasks always keeps you thinking ten steps ahead. Also, I cannot say enough how much our EA team has helped me grow. The EA team at SoFi is an incredible team that is not only resourceful, but ALWAYS supportive of one another. 

Thank you all for sharing your perspective with us! And readers - we are hiring! Check out our open EA roles and consider applying today

The individuals featured are SoFi employees. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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