Being a working parent can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. It often requires juggling multiple responsibilities between home and work and the need for flexibility and balance has become increasingly important. SoFi recognizes and supports working parents by offering parent-centric benefits including access to Maven Wallet,, as well as our flexible work approach. In addition to some of our core benefits offerings, parents at SoFi have access to a support community through the Parents@SoFi circle, our employee resource group.

Parents@SoFi’s mission is to support current and future parents at SoFi. They want to create an environment where people with shared experiences can connect and help each other have both a successful career at SoFi and a rewarding family life. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Julia Law and Rae Myles, Co-Leads of our Parents@SoFi circle, and discuss the ways we see SoFi forging a “pro-parent” work environment for all parents within the company. They are focused on how they can support each other as a community of working parents. This year’s programming will include both a virtual and in-person game day as well as a panel with our Parents@SoFi leadership! 


Tell me about the value Parents@SoFi Circle brings to all of its members! 

Rae: Our mission is to support current and future parents at SoFi Technologies. We want to create an environment where people with shared experiences can connect and help each other have both a successful career at SoFi and a rewarding family life. We strive to provide connection, resources, and education to members and allies while amplifying the compassion of parents supporting each other. 

Julia: Parents@SoFi is a community where we celebrate and support parenthood together. Our parents have diverse backgrounds with kids of different ages, cultures, and needs. We can be “better together” by connecting, enabling, and supporting each other. Our members have access to the activities, resources, and knowledge pool to support their needs at different stages of parenthood. Our community helps our parents@ members to fulfill their mission inside and outside work

Which SoFi  benefits should working parents know about?

Rae:  We’re lucky to have an amazing benefits team that supports our employees and really wants what’s best for them! Our head of Benefits, Debbie Westover and her team have worked tirelessly to provide us with benefits like Maven Wallet, Modern Health,; Tuition Assistance, and Student Loan employer contribution. While those benefits might not all seem parent-related on the surface, they each weave their way into our daily lives. Maven and Modern Health give parents options for networking, therapy, and presentations to help us navigate parenting. is available for last minute or short term child care. And even tuition assistance and student loan reimbursements have an impact on our children! The more I save on my education because the company has me covered, the more money I can put into their educational savings! 

Julia: Having an enabling and supportive culture is the unique benefit I appreciate daily at SoFi. While work culture might not be the obvious “benefits” we look for in a job, it affects our behaviors at work and even at home. Thus, having a great culture is an important benefit to me, particularly being a working parent. SoFi has empowering core values that we live by, including “Take care of other people” and “Do The Right Thing”.  My leaders and peers genuinely respect and support my career and my family's situation. I have the autonomy to manage my work schedule, which enables me to participate in my kid’s events and situations at school. With supportive leadership & peers, I am empowered and supported to balance my career development and family priorities at ease.

Let’s dive into a few of the benefits that Julia & Rae mentioned. Our Maven Wallet benefit is one that SoFi is extremely proud to offer, and we even recently expanded benefits with Maven to support employees as they pursue parenthood! Maven Wallet is an easy-to-use digital tool that helps manage out-of-pocket costs related to adoption, surrogacy, egg freezing, and IUI/IVF (up to $20,000.) On top of the infertility benefits, they’re also there to support our employees in their transition back to work including pumping at work, how to navigate conversations with your manager about your new parent needs, or working parent guilt, and so much more! 

Our flexible work approach, enables employees to work with their manager to determine a work location that works for them and the business. We also have SoFridays where we encourage employees to sign off early when they’re able to on Fridays. 

SoFi has also partnered with to provide employees with access to back-up care (up to 5 days per year) and membership to use the database. Employees will have access to search local caregivers, post a job ad, set-up interviews and access background checks. Employees can also find nannies, pet sitters, housekeepers and more.

Rae, tell us about how you have experienced SoFi supporting working parents! 

I love working for a company that supports working parents! SoFi supports their employees in so many wonderful ways across the company, but the most important to me is in encouraging connection and communication. My kids (one 19-year old and two 16-year old twins) don't always live with me — sometimes they stay with their dad in another state, so that creates a unique family environment, but I always feel like I have the time and support from my leadership team to be a working parent, regardless of where they live. In recent years, when my kid got involved with the wrong crowd, I had the support of my manager who allowed me the flexibility to be successful at work while making sure that my child had what they needed. When one of the twins struggled with their identity, I had the vast support of our employee resource groups (called circles internally). It was such a beautiful experience to feel connected and supported through our circles. 


Julia, tell us more about Bring Your Child To Work Day!

Inspired by the national Bring Your Child to Work Day (BYCTWD), SoFi is committed to inspiring future generations with different career opportunities and building fun memories together.  We celebrate the BYCTWD every year in April. This year, we developed multiple events, including our leadership keynotes, fun-fair games, and videos of our kiddos telling us what they think their parents do at SoFi.  We build connections, inspirations, and precious memories of our employees and their family through games and fun interactions. 

During our Bring Your Child To Work Day event, we shared this fun video compiled of SoFi employee’s kids answering the question “What does Mom/Dad do at work?” the answers are sure to leave a smile on your face! 

Rae, what makes you volunteer your time to lead Parents@SoFi?

The connections that we make at work can truly change our lives and it's not all about the hard moments - being there when someone becomes a new parent to help them navigate new waters, celebrating birthdays and milestones, even giving tips and tricks on traveling with kids has made a difference in the lives of each of our Parents@SoFi. I'm so proud and honored to lead a group that feels comfortable coming to us for advice and guidance. I might not always have the right answer, but someone in the group is able to provide guidance - we really are better together!


Julia, tell me something fun about your current parenting journey! 

My son Andrew can be slightly mischievous, so I try to funnel his energy into writing comics instead of causing real trouble. It is eye-opening to explore his creativity and imagination deep inside his world. He created many fun stories, from bowling on ice to catching flying dumplings in armor from a medieval castle. 

Thank you, Rae & Julia for leading such a pivotal resource group for our employees! At the end of the day, building a pro parent workplace is bigger than just accommodating those of us with kids. SoFi’s benefits, culture, and resources are all a part of the idea that we can show up as our authentic (probably, tired!) selves everyday, sippy cups and all! 

The individuals featured are SoFi employees. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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