Meet Sharline Queen: Why I Joined SoFi During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this SoFi-ety spotlight, Sales Specialist Sharline Queen (say that 5 times fast!) is clueing us into why she joined SoFi in the middle of a global pandemic, and why it was one of the best decisions for her blossoming career. 

First things first, what are three things that others may not know about you?

Sharline: Well…

  1. I was 18 when I first had Taco Bell.
  2. I have a pretty healthy obsession with nail polish 
  3. I speak fluent Spanish

Would you rather have an office where you could wear pajamas to work or work in a really fancy office?

Sharline: Remember my obsession with nail polish? I have the same obsession with lipstick. So easily, a really fancy office gets my vote!

Before we get into your most recent career change, tell us a bit about your life prior to landing at SoFi. 

Sharline: I grew up in Hudson County, New Jersey, right across the river from Manhattan. The NYC skyline was in my front window. I spent some time working for a credit union in the midwest before deciding to stay at home to be a full-time mom. Fast forward 15 or so years - I was getting my bachelor’s degree in Public Health while homeschooling my three kids. I had been out of the workforce for more than a decade and had been planning on returning to the workforce to prepare for when I graduated with my degree. 

Moms are queens (pun intended Mrs. Queen!) So you started at SoFi during the COVID-19 pandemic! Why did you decide to take the risk and join SoFi during such an uncertain time? 

Sharline: My plan for re-entering the workforce just so happened to fall in line with a one-in-a-lifetime global pandemic. My objective was to work toward my goals no matter what was going on around me. The worst that could happen was that I wouldn’t be able to find a role that fulfilled me. You won’t succeed if you don’t try!

What helped you determine that joining SoFi was the right decision for you at this point in your life? 

Sharline: Honestly? It was the people! I read about SoFi’s mission and values during my interview process. They were strong and positive, but then I got to talk with the team and they were the best representation of those values. I even asked if it was all a front. “Is this what SoFi is really like, or is this just to get me pumped?” I was assured SoFi embraces and lives these values and it is what is the foundation of the company culture. I was all in! I have not been disappointed, either. SoFi definitely delivers what it presents. 

What advice would you have for others who are hesitant to leave their current role during these uncertain times

Sharline: Trying something new has the potential to greatly improve your quality of life. Don’t let opportunities pass you by out of fear. We grow by pushing out of our comfort zone. Everyone is trying to get back to normal after “Pandemic 2020” so we are all coming from the same place. Be brave. Try something new. Maybe it will take you to places you only thought possible in your daydreams. 

We’re so glad you’ve found a home here, Sharline. Tell us about what you do at SoFi. 

Sharline: I am a Sales Specialist. I assist future borrowers with all of their questions regarding our personal loan and student loan refinance questions, as well as getting them started with applications. Another big part of my job responsibilities is retention. Members can refinance their current SoFi loans with SoFi, and it’s my job to help members get started so they can stay with SoFi’s stellar customer service and the loan flow they’re already familiar with!

What does a “day in your life” look like? 

Sharline: I start my day off by taking calls from our newest SoFi members. I may start personal loan applications over the phone or walk members through the student loan refinance application process. I apply rate matches onto current applications to try to get our members the best rates possible. I end my day making calls to borrowers who qualify for a rate reduction on their open applications for personal loans and student loan refinance. I love when I get to offer a 1-3% rate discount!

How does your work support our mission?

Sharline: I present options to our borrowers that can help them achieve their goals, such as home improvements, or lowering their monthly payments by refinancing. I help them Get Their Money Right by offering all the information they need so they can make the best decisions for their individual financial situation. 

What’s most challenging about your job?

Sharline: Not knowing what I’m going to get when I answer a call! Is the caller going to be brand new to SoFi, or do they already have an established relationship with us? Are they having a great day or are they having a bad day? How can I make them comfortable with the financial decisions they are calling about? I need to be ready (on the spot) to help them wherever they are in their financial journey, and to have all the information they are seeking. 

So how do you stay positive when I’m sure a lot of people that call in are frustrated?

Sharline: I want my callers to feel the way I would want to feel. I always stay really calm and make them feel heard. I love what I do, and I want our members to have a memorable experience interacting with us, so I make it a point to be upbeat and to not take things personally. That seems like a cliche answer, but it's what I do. I also have a little squishy toy by my screen that I pick up and roll around if a caller is upset. It helps ground me, I guess. 

What’s most rewarding about your job? 

Sharline: When a member tells me I have made their day, or that I have been really helpful. I love human connection and it's wonderful that I can make that happen over the phone by offering assistance by answering their questions or helping them fill out an application or make a payment. 

Can you impart some Sharline wisdom to close out this interview? 

Sharline: Gladly.

Okay, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

Sharline: “Never suppress a generous thought.” Being kind and helpful in any way is always the best way to move forward in life. 

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