Meet Haley: Why Working at SoFi Is More Than Just a Job

Haley Angely first heard about SoFi when she applied for a personal loan. Fast forward to four years later, and she’s now a seasoned fintech-er. Today, Haley is sharing why working at SoFi is more than just a job, it’s a career, and how she continues to focus on learning and growing to further accelerate her path. 

Welcome to the SoFi-ety hot seat, Haley. We know our employees are more than who they are at work, so can you tell us what you like to do outside of the office?

Haley: I’m really into creating art and have started dabbling in hiking and rock climbing. I also love to travel to new places and visit their zoos. Most recently, I was in San Antonio in September.

What’s your favorite city in the United States and why? 

Haley: This is a tough one, but I’d have to say a little mountain town in Colorado called Glenwood Springs. They have amazing caves and hot springs there. My favorite is a spa right off of the river, and I love going on crisp winter mornings. It really makes me happy when I can be in the clear, healing mineral water and watch the fog roll in off the river. 

When I close my eyes I can visualize it! Sounds like a beautifully peaceful place. So how did you land at SoFi? 

Haley: I was actually applying for a personal loan and I really enjoyed how customer service handled my inquiry. I googled SoFi and found out that the closest office was only a five-minute drive from where I lived. At the time, I was a training team lead for a different fintech company, but was inspired by how I was treated and the proximity to my house. I applied, got hired, and haven’t regretted my decision once! 

Your career has progressed quickly here at SoFi. How have you been able to navigate and grow your career here?  

Haley: The one thing that has remained consistent in my time at SoFi is my thirst for more and being encouraged to come to the table with new ideas. I started in our operations department in what was formerly known as a relationship management consultant role. I really enjoyed my job and I was fairly decent at it, so my managers kept giving me bigger responsibilities. A year and a half into my time at SoFi, I was told about a new opportunity to support our soon-to-be-launched In-School Loan business. I jumped on it. I became a campus relationship representative and excelled, and was recently promoted to campus relationship representative II.  It seems like the growth possibilities at this company are endless, and my career path here has always been focused on learning. 

I’d also say focusing on applying the SoFi values in daily life has also helped me navigate my career here. I live our values even outside of work!

What is your favorite SoFi value and how do you live this value in and outside of work? 

Haley: It’s hard to choose just one, because I feel living all eleven makes me a well-rounded person. If I absolutely had to choose it would be “Do the right thing. If you’re not sure, do the harder thing.”

CultureValue_Stamp_RGB_6-RightThingIf I have a decision to make, I go with the harder path, because I’ve yet to be disappointed by the outcome even if it can be a little uncomfortable at times. Making a tough decision always spurs growth. Once the decision is made, I smile through it (living another SoFi value, “don’t forget to smile”). If I had a superpower it would be to bring genuine joy to people so they smile more, because you never know how much a smile could mean to a stranger. Smiles are contagious!

(Readers: you can read about all our values here). 

So tell us about your current job as a Campus Relations Representative II.

Haley: I love my really, really love my job. I’m the liaison between different departments and our school partners. When something is not working properly, I get to dive in with the engineering team and make recommendations to help fix it. 

I’m an extension of the In-School Sales team and am the face of SoFi to our school partners, maintaining and extending the relationships the campus relationship directors create. What I love most about my job is that my opinion is respected no matter who is sitting at the table and it feels really good.  This is more than a job, it’s my career. 

What skills have you learned that have helped you navigate your career? 

Haley: I have loved learning how to connect the dots, whether that is learning how different teams impact my work, or discovering why we’ve structured processes at SoFi the way we do. 

What are your favorite tangible and intangible benefits SoFi offers employees? 

Haley: Student loan reimbursement - with help from SoFi, I have paid off nearly my entire student loan debt, and that makes me sleep better at night! The intangible benefit I value the most is being able to build connections with various people and the invaluable knowledge in all areas that I have acquired. 

Readers - We want to help our employees achieve financial freedom, just like our members. That’s why we contribute $200 per month toward their student loans to help pay down their debt—plus free financial planner access®.

One thing we know about you, Haley, is that you thrive in the ever-changing pace of SoFi and fintech - can you expand on what that means? 

Haley:  There is never a dull moment at SoFi, and luckily for me, I excel in environments that are fast-paced and are organized chaos. Juggling multiple priorities is a way of life for me, and I feel really accomplished every time I get to cross something off my to-do list. I always have something that I can focus on and get done. 

What advice do you have for others who are looking to succeed in this industry where change feels constant? 

Haley: First, there is no “i” in team. We all are working toward one goal - making financial tools more accessible and available to everyone. Remember that our individual and collective contributions to this company and the industry make a better tomorrow for everyone

Second, build connections and network when you can - don’t come in with blinders on, because you will miss incredible opportunities if you do.

Thank you for sharing your SoFi career journey with us, Haley. Looking forward to watching you continue to learn and grow. 

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