Meet Brooke: Putting Members First to Help SoFi Achieve Its Mission

Our Operations employees are at the center of our Members’ financial lives, supporting them on their path to achieve financial independence. Today, Member Service Representative Brooke Welling is taking us behind-the-scenes so we can understand how her team lives our values every day, and how her dedication to ‘putting Members first’ accelerates our ability to achieve our mission.

What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work? 

Brooke: I am a full-time student at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ), working toward a Bachelor’s degree in Supervision and Management. After ensuring my school work is caught up, I enjoy playing with my two rescue dogs, Axel and Scar, and spending time with my family and friends. 

(Photo: Scar, left, and Axel, right)

Wow, you are dedicated - working and going to school full-time! Tell us about what drove you to want to work at SoFi, and what you do here as a Member Service Representative (MSR) on our Operations team. 

Brooke: One of my closest childhood friends referred me to work here at SoFi. My friend, and now colleague, spoke very highly of not only the position as an MSR but also about the atmosphere here, which has proven to be unlike any other job I’ve ever had.,  I am continuously presented with opportunities to grow both in my role and as a person. As an MSR, I am on the front line assisting Members with questions about our product offerings - from things like their SoFi checking accounts, personal and student loans, credit card questions, and investment accounts. I also assist other agents who may need support with Member interactions.

How does your work as a MSR support our mission? 

Brooke: My role as an MSR supports SoFi’s mission by always putting our Members first. As I exclusively assist Members for most of my shifts, it is my responsibility to ensure every interaction I have is proactive and solves a Member's inquiries or concerns.

"I would also consider myself a SoFi missionary, as it is important to share details about our products and services to best service our Members."

Sounds like you are living many of our 11 core values each and every day, which are the foundation of our culture. 

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you.

Brooke: A typical day for me can vary. I am primarily remote - meaning I work from home, but I have been to the Jacksonville office before and plan on returning again soon. Most days, my time is spent being in an ‘open’ status, which means I am taking inbound calls, and working the live chat option. I also spend time offline assisting other agents on difficult interactions and reviewing bonus requests.

Do you have any career goals at SoFi? If so, what are they? 

Brooke: During my time in school, my career goals are to continue to grow in my MSR role. There are different levels of an MSR, and I am looking to grow into the highest tier possible. Once my bachelor’s degree is completed, I am interested in putting my degree in Supervision and Management to good use, and continuing to be employed here at SoFi! 

Your dedication to learning and growing, as a person and a professional, is really inspiring Brooke. Thanks for all you do to support our members, your teammates, and SoFi.  

Our Operations team is hiring! Come work with us (and Brooke!). 

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