Empowered Learning: A Journey of Continuing Education

At SoFi Technologies, we strive to support our employees at every stage of their personal and professional lives. That’s why we offer comprehensive benefits packages designed to build healthy habits and to help our employees reach their personal, financial, and well-being goals. A standout feature is our tuition reimbursement program, which provides coverage for qualifying programs up to $5,250 annually, with a $25,000 maximum over an employee's tenure. We love seeing our employees leverage this benefit and are inspired by the story of Lin-hsiu Huang.

Lin-sui Huang (5)

While excelling in her full-time role, Lin-hsiu Huang, Designer and key member of our Creative Studio team has had the opportunity to be a nomad across the United States, living short-term in some of her favorite cities, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and now Seattle, where she is currently pursuing a master's degree at The University of Washington. Beyond work, you can find her rock climbing, perfecting latte art, exploring new places, and embracing the outdoors. We were able to catch up with Lin-hsiu and discuss how her team at SoFi is supporting her during this season of her life! 

Tell us about your journey to SoFi. 

After earning a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Visual Design and spending a few years in the non-profit sector, I found my way to SoFi's Lifecycle Marketing team as a Coordinator. Over the past 3.5 years at SoFi, I progressed to a pivotal role bridging the gap between the Creative Studio and the Lifecycle Marketing team and eventually a full-time transition to the Creative Studio. The dynamic environment within our internal creative team continually inspires me and allows me to witness the remarkable quality and quantity of work we consistently produce!

Can you explain what our Creative Studio team does at SoFi? 

SoFi's Creative Studio takes the lead in our marketing efforts, acting as our in-house creative hub responsible for crafting all our communications. With a dynamic and diverse team, the Creative Studio is in charge of telling engaging stories and creating visually appealing content that reaches our members through various channels. This includes impactful ads, TV spots, and everything you see on our website and in our Lifecycle marketing efforts, like emails, push notifications, and in-app content. Our creative team is the driving force behind what our members see, blending innovation with strategic storytelling to shape the SoFi brand experience. The aim is to provide content that not only looks good but also connects with the values of helping our members get their money right!

Can you describe your decision to pursue further education while working full-time?

The decision to pursue additional education while juggling a full-time job is driven by my eagerness to sustain professional growth without interrupting my current career path. I really enjoy collaborating with all of our talented Art Directors and Designers at SoFi; This collaborative learning environment is one of the reasons I decided not to take a pause from working to attend school. Despite my commitment to my current role, I've always nurtured a profound interest in the intersection of art and technology. Exploring opportunities in a more technical setting aligns seamlessly with my career aspirations. The University of Washington's program stands out as an ideal fit, tailored for full-time workers with its evening courses, and it happens to be one of the top programs in my field. Additionally, the opportunity to leverage SoFi's tuition reimbursement benefit serves as a significant factor supporting my decision to go back to school!

How have you felt supported as you balance your workload and studies?

My manager, skip-level managers, and co-workers have all demonstrated remarkable support in helping me manage my work-study balance. Our culture emphasizes the importance of personal and professional growth, which has been evident in my experience. I'm grateful for the flexible working arrangements that have allowed me to log off promptly to attend my classes at 6 pm. I feel that this flexibility is not just a policy on paper; it is actively encouraged and practiced. This collective support system has not only made it easier for me to manage my time effectively but has also provided me with a network of encouragement and understanding. 

Lin-sui Huang (7)

In what ways do you feel your program at The University of Washington  will impact your career?

I started my career in the nonprofit industry, and though I have transitioned into the financial and technology sector with my current job at SoFi, the common theme is still understanding people’s everyday needs and building solutions. Being able to make the connection and develop deeper understanding in user experiences through design is one of my long term goals, and the University of Washington's Master of Science in Human Centered Design & Engineering will be a crucial tool in achieving this goal.

Thank you Lin-hsiu, for sharing your story with us! It is a shining example of how SoFi Technologies isn't just a workplace, but a place for transformative growth and learning.

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