The Recruiting Coordinator Perspective - Behind the Scenes of Interviewing at SoFi

In the first half of 2022, SoFi Technologies scheduled 5,570 interviews on our search to find amazing talent to join us on our journey to help millions of people achieve financial independence. This means that our small but mighty Recruiting Coordinator (RC) team of seven scheduled 43 interviews per day!

Meet four of our dedicated and passionate RCs who are giving us an inside look at what it takes to be a Recruiting Coordinator, how they play a critical role in the interview process, and what happens behind the scenes to make your interview at SoFi, Galileo, or Technisys possible.

To start, can each of you tell me one fun fact about yourself?

Emily-2-1-1Emily: I love camping and being outdoors. My favorite place I’ve camped so far is in Moab, Utah, nothing beats the bright red rock formations and seeing the stars at night.

EvaEva: One fun fact about me is that I had four pet bunnies throughout my childhood: Brown Sugar, April, Munchie, and Bubba.



Marina: I love dancing! I danced ballet and did competitive rhythmic gymnastics for eight years.

Travel is my passion. Once my trip ends, I’m already daydreaming about the next one. I’m gearing up for my first European trip later this month and I can’t wait!

Emily, kick us off and tell us what you do as a Recruiting Coordinator.

As an RC, my main responsibilities include supporting recruiters and providing the best possible experience for our candidates throughout the interview process! I support our recruiters starting from the interview process up to when the candidate is hired. I do everything from scheduling interviews and sending out offer letters to helping answer candidate questions and updating our job requisitions.

What does a day in your life look like at SoFi?

Emily: My main priorities include tackling anything recruiters throw my way and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. I provide support to candidates with questions regarding rescheduling, background checks, fingerprinting, start dates, getting them in contact with recruiters, and more. My goal is to provide all of our candidates with a seamless experience and provide any support to anyone who reaches out to me.

“My goal is to provide all of our candidates with a seamless experience and provide any
support to anyone who reaches out to me.”

Sounds like RCs play a lot of different roles for candidates and our teams.

Eva, you’ve been with SoFi for over a year and a half now as an RC. How do you support candidates and make sure they feel taken care of during the interview process? 

Eva: Yes, heading toward two years - it’s crazy! When I’m interacting with candidates, it’s important they all feel they matter and aren’t just “another number.” I’ve learned that building rapport with candidates is one of the best ways I can support them. The RC role is high-impact because we are the first person a candidate interacts with from SoFi. It becomes our responsibility to show that SoFi cares about their experience and, in the end, our interactions with candidates can affect the whole process and even be a deciding factor if they want to work here at SoFi.

How do you build rapport with candidates when you aren’t in person?

Eva: I do a number of virtual things to make sure candidates feel taken care of: effective communication via email or text, always working with compassion, being patient when emergencies arise, and proactively providing valuable resources, such as the CX Resources site, DE&I site and more. I make sure to communicate a candidate’s interview schedule in a timely manner so that they have ample time to prepare and try to be an advocate for their needs by keeping their recruiter updated if the candidate has shared new information with me. At the end of the day, we want them to feel cared for. I try to take the time to do little things for every candidate - such as saying good luck before an interview - because everyone needs a cheerleader!

Fun fact: Eva was actually my RC. She was a wonderful cheerleader as I navigated the interview process, and now we’re good friends. She’s been my ally since day one.

Marina, now onto the hard stuff! How do you manage scheduling dozens of interviews a day?
Marina: When managing a large scheduling load, prioritization is key. What I’m working on is constantly changing, so knowing which interviews, offer letters, or debriefs need to be taken care of first is crucial. At the same time, being flexible is important. Since my daily schedule will almost always change, I always check my messages and emails to try and solve any issues that need my attention as soon as possible.

I like the comment about keeping an eye out for new ways to improve efficiency. We like to think that all of our employees are perpetual learners who are always looking to ‘perfect their craft.’

Kristy, how do you perfect your craft as an RC?

I’m always thinking about how we can improve our process. We have so many great resources for candidates to prepare for their interviews, but we don’t want to overwhelm them, so constantly LI^2 (an acronym for our core value, learn, iterate, and innovate) on our communication is at the forefront for me.

As an RC, I have to be aware of not only what I’m sharing with candidates but what my recruiters are sending as well. The candidate lifecycle wouldn’t be possible without strong partnerships between recruiters and RCs, so one of the ways I’ve perfected my craft is by learning how to better manage my relationships with recruiters.

I’d also add that part of perfecting my craft is learning to proactively problem-solve and communicate. Candidate experience is always top-of-mind, and I know recruiters are pretty busy, so I keep a close eye on any emails that come through from candidates and flag the recruiters on urgent ones. Our broader Talent Acquisition team has an extensive network of information, resources, and processes - as an RC, we hold the keys to the castle and have to run after problems and questions to make sure we are finding the right answer for our candidates, recruiters, and teams.

First of all, a heartfelt thank you for supporting our candidates and sharing your experience with us. And readers - we are hiring! Check out our open roles and consider applying today.

The individuals featured are SoFi employees. Their personal experiences, obviously, do not take into account your own specific objectives, financial situation, and needs. Results will vary.

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