Behind the Phone: Meet Troylene, Helping Members Get Their Money Right

In the spirit of our first core value of ‘Putting our members’ interests first’, our Operations team has a critical role. They deliver a world-class experience to nearly 4 million members daily (yes, you read that right)! Today, we’re taking you behind the phones to meet one of the employees who is helping our members Get Their Money Right. Meet Troylene Bartle - obsessed plant mama, self-proclaimed lead foot, and a Communications Escalations Manager at SoFi. And take it from Troylene, she knows what’s up - she’s been at SoFi for almost six years - that’s equivalent to about 60 in fintech years! 

So tell us three facts that others may not know about you. 

Troylene: I have three Porsches. Two Cayennes and one Boxster. I love to drive fast. My most favorite hobby is plants - one can never ever have too many, although others may beg to differ. 

How would you describe your job to someone who is not familiar with this field or industry? 

Troylene: When I talk about SoFi and describe my job, I tell it like this: I am on the escalations team. I get to speak with the angry people, though not all of them are angry, they are upset with the process or something is broken. It is my job to figure out what is broken and how to fix it, and ultimately, make the member’s experience better than before they got on the phone with me. It is like figuring out the puzzle pieces, what is missing, and putting it back together to make it whole. 

"It is my job to figure out what is broken and how to fix it, and ultimately, make the member’s experience better than before they got on the phone with me."

We want to take our readers ‘behind the phones’ and introduce them to the amazing people like you who support our members.  Can you tell us what a typical day looks like for you? 

Troylene: A typical day for me is working on different projects. I assist with Rewards tickets, which means members may be missing points for a promotion or bonus. (Readers - you can read more about our Member Rewards program here).  I will either award the points or deny the request depending on the eligibility. I take inbound emails and calls from members, responding to their inquiries in order to resolve their issues. I also assist in completing Complaints to assure they have a resolution that is satisfactory for the company and for the Member. 

What’s been your most memorable moment on the Communications Escalations team? 

Troylene: The most memorable for me was when I was told I got the role, as this was a promotion for me. Before joining this team, I was on the Member Experience team. I truly could not believe it! 

How do you overcome situations in which a member may be upset? How do you keep going?

Troylene:  I keep a positive attitude because I know the member is upset with the situation and not me personally. I am able to keep going because sometimes members will send me a thank you email about how I was able to assist with resolving their issue. This is very rewarding to me. I have also found my happy place with my boyfriend, our dog, Guy, and my plants. 

I love that. Lastly, what’s changed in the (nearly) six years you’ve worked at SoFi? What hasn’t changed? 

Troylene: Everything! The only thing that has not changed is the camaraderie with the different teams within SoFi and the lasting friendships that are made. 

Thanks for your passion for what you do, your commitment to our members, and for your dedication to help people Get Their Money Right. We’re hiring! Consider applying today

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