Black History Month officially kicked off February 1st and we are excited for a month of programming led by SoulFi, our Employee Resource Group, or as we refer to them internally, our SoFi Circle. SoulFi’s mission is to empower Black and African-American employees, Circle members, and allies to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace at SoFi. 

Programming will included an Intersectionality Panel, hosting author Mitzi Miller, & even SoulFi taking over our company wide all hands meeting! Hamaria Crockett and Jordan Dash, co-leads of SoulFi, sat down to discuss this year's theme of Black Resilience

What does Black Resilience mean to you?

Hamaria: Black Resilience empowers and reminds People of Color that against the odds, we can continue to create a strategy to win and triumph in the face of life's greatest challenges.

Jordan: The word resilience itself easily defines what the black experience is in America. The resilience my ancestors and family had to have in this country to allow me the opportunity to speak and express my ideas freely is what empowers me to put the best version of myself out there.

Why do you volunteer your time to co-lead SoulFi?

Hamaria: I think it’s about building a culture of belonging in an organization that can seem so large. I also have a great opportunity to provide immeasurable benefits to diverse employees and our allies.

Jordan: When I first started working in Corporate America, I remember being the only black person in my entire office. I found myself becoming burnt out after regularly dealing with microaggressions and having to code switch just to feel accepted. At SoFi,  I now have the opportunity to connect with other black professionals in safe spaces where our voices are heard. 

What piece of programming did you enjoy most this month to inspire SoulFi members and allies? 

Hamaria: More than 70% of Black people don’t have a will or have things set up for their estate. We hosted an event all about estate planning. We had a former NFL player that provided the history of wealth in the Black community and how it has been lost from generation to generation due to lack of planning. 

Jordan: I really enjoyed our Intersectionality Panel! Having a chance to see the diverse thoughts and perspectives from those within my community is empowering, as many people perceive the black community as a monolith. They often forget about the diversity of ideas, upbringing and even ethnic background of those that identify as black. I think this conversation really gave us the opportunity to showcase this and educate both our allies and ourselves. 

What is your hype song? 

Hamaria: I love the song by Lil Baby & Kirk Franklin - We Win

  • My friends and I are on background vocals
  • It’s a reminder to continue to be resilient!  

Jordan: Almeda by Solange ft Playboy Carti or Bigger Than Me by Big Sean

Thank you Hamaria and Jordan, for being leaders in amplifying Black voices and unpacking the duality of being Black in America. Black history is American history. While we honor this month as a time to celebrate the rich history of our Black community, our focus does not begin or end in February. Every day, we are committed to building a culture of belonging through our programs, initiatives, and training. 

To learn more about SoFi Circles, visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion site

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